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Political Competences 

Deputy-mayor of Schaerbeek, Belgium 



A population of 131 227 inhabitants of 166 different nationalities in 1 municipality. That’s Schaerbeek! A municipality rich in diversity with inhabitants who all have their own stories.
Being responsible for this population is a very personal and therefore a very exciting responsibility. It challenges and allows us to find solutions to individual stories.

To achieve this, Quentin wants to focus on fast, efficient, and citizen-friendly service. A service in plain language for and by the people of Schaerbeek! He wants to do this by focusing more on digitalisation. Digitalisation should provide administrative simplification and faster handling of procedures but only by considering those who do not have a computer or Internet. Therefore, Schaerbeek is the first commune in Belgium to have set up a separate service to bridge the digital gap for its citizens.

For Quentin, the satisfaction of its citizens is of utmost importance. That is why the people of Schaarbeek should make their voices heard so that we can shape Schaerbeek together!

Civil status 

As deputy-mayor in charge of civil status, Quentin is fortunate to perform weddings in the beautiful wedding hall of Schaerbeek. Of course, each wedding is different. Because of the great diversity in Schaerbeek, each wedding has its own character.

Quentin has also brought digitalisation into the civil wedding events. By using his 360° camera, Schaerbeek is the first municipality in Belgium to film weddings in 360°. This gives family and friends the opportunity to revisit the wedding from all perspectives and the couple the opportunity to relive their wedding day.

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Honorary services

As deputy-mayor responsible for honorary services, Quentin wants to ensure that everyone can practice their faith as they wish in Schaerbeek. Quentin wants to work with the representatives of each faith to build a lasting relationship in Schaerbeek.

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International Relations 

With a population rich in diversity, it is extremely important that Schaerbeek is put on the international map. Quentin believes that in our  cosmopolitan municipality rich in nationalities and cultures we can learn a lot from each other. 

As deputy-mayor in charge of international relations, Quentin enters into dialogue with each community to see what experiences we can share. More and more citizens from Eastern Europe, such as Bulgaria, Romania and Poland, are finding their way to Schaerbeek, which makes it important to pay even more attention to good relations with other EU member states.

Quentin wants to build bridges between these different communities in Schaerbeek during his mandate so that we do not live next to each other, but together.

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