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  • I have forgotten or lost my PIN and/or PUK code, what should I do?
    Have you forgotten or lost the PIN or PUK code of your identity card (eID), Kids-ID or electronic foreigner card (eVK)? Then you have to order new codes. Have you forgotten your PIN or entered the wrong PIN 3 times and your eID, Kids-ID or eVK is blocked? No worries. Your card remains valid as an identity document. But you cannot use the card for online applications with authentication. Make an appointment at Schaerbeek town hall to reset your PIN - be wary that this is only possible if you have access to your PUK code. You can reset the code of your ID if you posses an ID card that has been issued from 1 January 2022 Forgotten your PUK code? Order new codes from the Ministry of Internal Affairs - this procedure takes about two weeks. The Ministry of Home Affairs will send the new codes to your home. With the new your new codes, you can make an appointment at Schaerbeek town hall to activate them. Request an LRA-code at the municipality You can apply for an LRA-code at the municipality to guarantee access to online procedures. This is only possible in a few municipalities, including Schaerbeek. This code is especially handy for residents who posses an ID card without a chip. Handy for anyone who has lost access to their PIN-code or ITSME and who urgently needs access to MyHealth or TaxOnWeb. You can get this numeric code at the municipality the same day you request it.
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  • My child is <12year old. Should I get a KIDS-ID?
    Does my child need a Kids-ID? A Kids-ID is an electronic identity document for Belgian children under 12 years of age. It contains all the identity details of your child as well as his or her photograph and the names of the parents. A Kids-ID is not compulsory in Belgium, but it is for travelling abroad. The Kids-ID is compulsory in all countries where no travel pass is required and is valid in most European countries. What are the benefits of a Kids-ID? The Kids-ID is a proof of identity and a travel document The 'Hello Parents' service provides the card with added protection in emergencies. Once activated, anyone who finds your child in trouble can call the 'Hello Parents' phone number on the back of the Kids-ID. Children from 6 years onwards can also use the Kids-ID to safely surf and chat on the internet. They can identify themselves online with their Kids-ID and a PIN.
  • Getting married or legally cohabiting, whats the difference?
    What is the best choise, marriage or legal cohabitation? The system of marriage and legal cohabitation have many similarities, yet there are importants differences. So it is important to think carefully about which of the two you choose. MONEY AND PROPERTY MARRIAGE - When you get married, there will automatically be a matrimonial property regime. You don't even have to go to the notary for this. This property system is based on solidarity. This means that all income, even income from assets you had before the marriage, will be put into the common assets from the date of the marriage. In case of a relationship breakdown, these common assets will be divided into two. Partners can, of course, always choose to use a system of separation of assets. COHABITATION - In legal cohabitation, we assume the opposite principle. Legal cohabitants do not have a joint scheme. They both have their own assets. Of course, they can always choose to enter into a cohabitation contract where there will be common assets. INHERITANCE MARRIAGE - Upon death, the surviving spouse inherits usufruct on the entire estate. If you have children, the children are your legally protected heirs. So they are always entitled to a minimum share. The protected share for the children is always half of the estate, regardless of the number of children. You cannot simply disinherit the spouse via will. COHABITATION - The right of inheritance in legal cohabitation is limited. The surviving legal cohabitant legally inherits the usufruct of the family home and the household effects present. Note. However, the inheritance right of the surviving legal spouse can be limited via will. AID AND ASSISTANCE MARRIAGE - Married couples are obliged to contribute to the burdens of the marriage in proportion to their assets. Aid and assistance is also mandatory after the marriage. Therefore, in case of a relationship breakup, either of them van be called upon to pay maintenance. COHABITATION - Legal cohabitants must contribute to the burden of cohabitation in proportion to their means. But unlike marriage, the aid and assistance is not mandatory after the breakup.
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