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Le Zinneke

Place de la Patrie 26, 1030 Schaerbeek -

Located on the peaks of Schaerbeek since 1956, the Zinneke brings the Belgian tradition to the table, intact or revised in the respect of good taste. The menu includes 69 mussel preparations - daily from Zeeland - and delicious grilled dishes.

Beef and horse grilled at a low temperature and many dishes typical of our region, the restaurant has made its way onto the podium of Belgian-Belgian gastronomy, developed under the sign of respect for nature and well-being.

Recognised as one of the pioneers of slow food in Brussels, their cuisine favours local, artisanal or organic products. By integrating this food philosophy into the menu, their aim is to offer Brussels a haven of culinary happiness, where lovers of flavours concocted with love can find shelter.

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