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A visit to Authentic High End: Where a spontaneous hobby became a thriving family business

In the charming Avenue August Reyers in Schaarbeek and the picturesque Petit Sablon, you will discover a hidden treasure for music lovers. Here, you will meet Steve and Mary-Ann, the passionate owners of a company specializing in top-of-the-range sound equipment. This friendly duo welcomed us to their original establishment in Schaarbeek. It quickly became clear that the best businesses are born out of unbridled passion when Mary-Ann talks enthusiastically about their early days. Today, they attract a niche clientele ready to invest in high-quality sound equipment.

Steve's love for music was written in the stars. Not only did he grow up in Ostend, Marvin Gaye's hometown, but as a child, he also had the chance to play basketball with this legendary music icon. How many people can say that? Mary-Ann, the other half of this dynamic duo, also shines with her love for music. This becomes immediately apparent when Sarah McLachlan's 'Love Come' echoes through Linn's sound systems and fills the room with emotion.

But it's not just Steve and Mary-Ann who share this passion for music and entrepreneurship. Additionally, one of their youngest sons is enthusiastic about the family business and offers customers a full service, personally visiting their homes to install the sound systems. The whole family's commitment, authenticity, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit are the pillars of their success.

What can you find at Authentic High End Audio?

The brands offered by Authentic High End open doors to a new dimension of sound experience. Advanced features such as Room Optimization, which adjusts the system to the acoustics of your room, deliver pure, clear sounds that make you feel like you're in a concert hall.

At Authentic High End, you can find products from the Linn brand: a Scottish engineering company that manufactures hi-fi and audio equipment. From speakers to music and record players, Authentic High End has something for everyone. What makes the brand Linn so special is that you can start with a small audio system and expand it with other components. Authentic High End not only offers a 5-year warranty but also provides upgrades to audio systems for 35 years. These upgrades keep systems up to date and improve quality over the years.

Want to find out more about Authentic High End? Visit their website: Authentic High End

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