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Bezoek Ahooga - Innovatieve vouwfietsen voor in de stad

"Falling in love with folding," that is the slogan of Ahooga, an innovative company that manufactures folding bicycles. Founded in 2015 in Brussels, this startup has grown into a business of about 20 employees, active in Brussels as well as Paris. With more than 15,000 bicycles sold, two own stores, and over 50 dealers across Europe, Ahooga is committed to promoting the use of bicycles in urban areas.

Ahooga's folding bikes, designed for the limited space in the city, offer a practical solution in areas where parking space is scarce and theft a real risk. Ahooga folding bikes can also be easily combined with the train, tram, car, etc. This aligns perfectly with the modern urban lifestyle, where space is becoming increasingly valuable.

Ahooga's design and development team, entirely in-house, worked for three years on their latest and most innovative bike, the Max. More than 20 components were designed by the team, making Ahooga unique in the market. To facilitate maintenance and repair, Ahooga uses standard components for the core of its electrical system.

Ahooga's trademark? The hingeless triangular frame. This design not only makes a statement aesthetically but also offers the stability and comfort that cyclists expect from a great bike. With three different bike models, they have something for everyone.

Ahooga's philosophy? Ensuring that riding experience on folding bikes no longer feels like a compromise.

During our visit, we got a glimpse of the latest variant, the Max electric bike. It offers a comfortable riding experience and can be folded in just 5 seconds. With an integrated battery, it's a perfect blend of functionality and design. The folding electric bike weighs about 19 kilos, which includes all features and is within the market standard. You can also pull the Max like a trolley. The Max bike has a range of 40-70 km, which is ideal for city use. Thus, Ahooga offers an efficient and stylish way to move from point A to point B in the city.

In the context of multimodality and the growing need for innovation, Ahooga plays a crucial role in the development of electric bicycles. With an eye on sustainability, reducing traffic congestion, and a healthier lifestyle, electric bikes have become a key element of modern urban life.

Ahooga's commitment to developing advanced and easy-to-use folding electric bikes not only meets current needs but also sets the trend for future urban transportation solutions.

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