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The best places to admire the Japanese cherry blossoms in bloom

The cherry blossom season is widely regarded as the herald of spring and renewal after the long winter months. It's a time when people rejoice at the end of the cold season and look forward to the warmer months ahead.

Cherry blossoms remain in full bloom for only one to two weeks, making this event even more precious. The ephemeral beauty of the flowers is often associated with the concept of life itself, fleeting and fragile.

The blooming period of Japanese cherry blossoms, or sakura in Japanese, varies depending on the climate, usually around the end of March and the beginning of April.

In Japan, the tradition of "hanami" involves admiring the cherry blossoms with family, friends, or even alone. People organize picnics under the flowering cherry trees, enjoying food and drinks while appreciating the beauty of the flowers.

According to Japanese mythology, cherry trees were introduced to Japan by the deities. A legend says that the cherry trees were created from the tears of a heavenly princess that fell to the earth.

Cherry trees were also revered by the Japanese imperial court. They were planted in the imperial gardens and were often the subject of art and poetry.

On the streets

Some streets in Schaerbeek are striking for their exceptional architectural heritage, but also for their Japanese cherry trees, a true symbol of beauty.

Here are the best places to observe them.

  • Square Francois Riga

  • Avenue Emile Max

  • Avenue du Diamant

  • Place des Bienfaiteurs

Josaphat Park in Schaerbeek is the ultimate spot to admire the cherry blossom bloom. The best viewpoint is the Archery Path, located at the entrance of the park at the corner of Avenue des Glycines and Boulevard Lambermont.

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