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Capitani in Schaerbeek: the cave of Ali Baba for electric components

If you are searching for the tiniest electronic component, look no further. Capitani in Schaerbeek has an inexhaustible stock of electronic parts, much like the cave of Ali Baba as described by Alderman Quentin van den Hove. And if you can't find that specific component, they'll make it for you within a week.

You may have already noticed that family businesses make our hearts beat faster. In the heart of Schaerbeek lies Capitani: originally a family business founded in 1971, one of the first to bring spare parts for radios and televisions to the market. Meanwhile, Capitani has been taken over by Dimitrios Mitsou, a trained electromechanic, who combines the family spirit of Capitani with his passion for electronics and connectivity.

"In the past, the company was more focused on individuals," Dimitrios explains. "Today, professionals have found their way to Capitani. 80% of our customers are professionals. They can find the tiniest electronic component from a stock of over 10,000 references." The needs of professionals are sometimes different, which is why Capitani provides flexible opening hours. They recently opened at 7 am, but partygoers can also find what they need here! "They can rent all the sound and lighting equipment they need to get the party started," says Dimitrios.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, an enthusiastic hobbyist, or someone who loves parties, Capitani is the place to be. With a wide range of high-quality electronics, connectivity solutions, and tools, you will always find everything you need. In addition, Capitani is not just about delivering quality products, but also about providing a seamless and personalized shopping experience. The dedicated team of experts is always ready to assist you in making informed purchasing decisions and even with the installation of your chosen products.

Take a look at the website to learn more about Capitani: Gespecialiseerde elektronicawinkel sinds 1971 | Capitani #SchaerbeekIsMoving



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