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Schaerbeek remains the 6th largest municipality in Belgium

28 March 2023 (Press release) - The population of Schaerbeek continues to grow, keeping its position as the sixth largest municipality in the country. In addition, an impressive number of people from Europe have chosen to settle in Schaerbeek. This is shown by the statistics of the population and civil status cabinet of the municipality of Schaerbeek, headed by deputy-mayor Quentin van den Hove.

24.6% more registrations than in 2021

With 130,346 inhabitants in 2022, Schaerbeek remains the 6th largest municipality in Belgium. The largest group of Schaerbeekers are those aged between 19 and 64. This increase in inhabitants is attributabed to several factors. In 2022, the number of registrations in the municipality rose by 24.6%. In addition, the number of deaths has decreased, with 690 deaths in 2022 compared to 938 deaths in the COVID year (2020).

Europeans love Schaerbeek

The number of registrations from Europe is increasing remarkably compared to previous years. The French are in the top three of the list of international habitants. According to deputy-mayor Quentin van den Hove, this can be explained by various factors: the municipality is well connected to the city centre and the European quarter. In addition, Josaphat Park, the green lung of the municipality, offers excellent walking and leisure opportunities. According to deputy-mayor Van den Hove, the attractiveness of Schaerbeek is also reflected in the real estate market. According to the real estate barometer, the value of houses in Schaerbeek has increased by 7% since 2021.

"Schaerbeek is attracting new residents for several reasons. This attractiveness is also reflected in the increase in property prices. The municipality is well connected to the city centre and the European quarter. In addition, Josaphat Park offers excellent opportunities for people who enjoy both the city and nature. – Deputy-Mayor for Population and Civil Status, Quentin van den Hove "

Two new nationalities enter the top 20

For the first time in 2022, registrations of residents of Ukrainian and Brazilian nationality enter the 'top 20 registrations by nationality'. The spectacular 659% increase in registrations of Ukrainian citizens compared to 2021 is undoubtedly due to the war situation in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the conflict, the municipality of Schaerbeek has provided a team to support the refugees.

These latest developments show that Schaerbeek is a dynamic and diverse municipality with almost 166 nationalities. That is why the Population and Civil Status cabinet has been encouraging assistance in English at the population services in the city hall since the beginning of 2022. Deputy-Mayor Van den Hove emphasises the importance of making the city hall services more inclusive.

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