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The art of romance: the legendary wedding booklet of Schaerbeek reimagined

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

We asked professional and amateur artists living, working or studying in Schaerbeek to submit their creative interpretations of the Schaarbeek wedding booklet. Clothilde Buvat, student at the institute of Saint-Luc and illustrator won the assignment with her colorful design.

René Magritte, Jan Verhas and Alfred Verwee are just a few of the many great Belgian names that have put Schaerbeek on the map as an important hub for Belgian art. The legacy of these famous artists can still be seen in the many museums and galleries worldwide and it is that unmistakable art history that our contemporary artists draw creative energy from.

We discovered a number of these contemporary artists through our call to give the Schaarbeek wedding booklet a new look. Every year, about 700 couples take their vows in our beautiful wedding hall and for more than 50 years these lovebirds have been taking home the Schaarbeek marriage booklet in its current state. It was time to give the booklet, which serves as a tangible reminder of the wedding ceremony, a new life.

The design by Clothilde Buvat, inspired by the colors of the Schaerbeek house style and the symbols in the town hall, will be rewarded with a prize of 1,500 euros and will be used as an illustration for the marriage booklet.

Tania Debeys and Elora Michel won the second and third prize with their interesting designs. The jury would also like to thank Aika Furukawa, Merve Kisacik, Maria Mendendez Gonzalez and Melissa Pickard for their entries.



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