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"Visiting Tein Technology: a century of tech expertise within a leading family business

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Have you ever wondered how emergency telephones work in tunnels or how crisis situations are managed remotely?

Behind every technological advancement, there are intelligent tech experts who tirelessly strive for efficient solutions to everyday problems. This was already the case over 100 years ago when Eugène and Rosa Loncour, a couple from Brussels and grandparents of Frederic Loncour - the current CEO of Tein Technology - developed a system that connected telephone devices to facilitate internal communication within different organizations.

In a world that is constantly changing and where technology is becoming increasingly advanced, the family-owned business, Tein Technology, remains committed to the mission of its founders: to combine existing solutions with groundbreaking technology. Today, Tein Technology integrates audio, video, automation, and visualization in control rooms to ensure maximum control during critical situations. Whether it's police stations, inland waterway or companies, any organization that prioritizes safety can rely on the expertise of Tein Technology.

One of the experts takes us to the 'experience room', a simulated control room where we can see for ourselves how Tein contributes to a mission-critical infrastructure - an infrastructure that enables the remote management of critical situations. They demonstrate how they can offer niche solutions that integrate equipment from various manufacturers, customized to meet the customer's requirements. For instance, Tein showcases a Single Sign-on (SSO) solution that automatically configures all the hardware and software in the control room according to the user, from the height of the computer table to automatically logging into different computer systems and visualizing all the screens.

What truly makes these technological advancements remarkable is the fact that Tein Technology remains a family business. In an era where large corporations dominate the market and startups rise and fall quickly, it is admirable that Tein adheres to its family values and continuity. Dedication to Eugène and Rosa's mission, along with the ability to adapt to the ever-changing world of technology, serve as the driving forces behind Tein Technology. And all this is happening in Schaerbeek! 😉

If you want to learn more about Tein Technology, be sure to visit their website: Experience Room: how human-centric lighting optimizes operators' performance (

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